Florida Licensed Psychologist
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  • Psychological Evaluations
    Dr. Lovette is an expert in testing. His accurate psychological evaluations provide helpful information for you, your family, your treatment team, or court. Dr. Lovette's easy-to-understand testing reports give vital information needed to make important decisions.
  • Evidence-Based Treatment
    Dr. Lovette specializes in cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) and uses this evidence-based  psychotherapy to resolve behavioral health problems, such as depression, anxiety, and brain-based behavior problems. 
  • Home Visits
    Dr. Lovette conducts his psychological evaluations and cognitive-behavioral treatment in the office, at patients' homes, and in assisted living facilities and nursing homes. If you can't get to Dr. Lovette, he will come to you! He serves Volusia, Flagler, Saint Johns, and Duval counties.  
  • Telehealth
    If you cannot see Dr. Lovette in-person, he can still provide you with cognitive-behavioral treatment through secure, online video conferencing. Location is no longer a barrier to getting the help you need. 

Contact Dr. Lovette Today!

Dr. Lovette provides a free initial consultation via telephone or email. You can contact him 7 days a week! Get your questions answered today. 

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